The Latin American Crystallographic Association (LACA) and its present status as regional associate of the IUCR

The Latin American Crystallographic Association is the regional representative for crystallographic societies and organizations existing in most of the countries of the North, Central and South America and the Caribbean.

At the beginning of 2014 a proposal was submitted to the Executive Committee of the International Union of Crystallography requesting that the newly created Latin American Crystallographic Association (LACA) be accepted as Regional Associate of the IUCr. The proposal was approved by the General Assembly of the XXIII IUCr Congress in Montreal, Canada, in 2014.

Some of the countries in Latin America have been affiliated to the IUCr for more than three decades, and are very aware of the importance of linking the regional scientific community with the activities and aims of the IUCr.

Since LACA is now a Regional Associate, all countries adhered to it will be directly or indirectly linked to the International Union of Crystallography. Our hope is to eventually have a solid block of Latin American scientists of all countries as being part of the international crystallographic scene.